A Table in the Wilderness

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

This lesson discusses the spiritual substance of Jesus' great sign in feeding the five thousand and its distinct connection with the Exodus.


Immortally Arrayed

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

This lesson considers the resurrection of the dead and how Jesus' blood washes us, makes us clean, and worthy to be arrayed eternally in the symbolic "robes of white".


In a Time of Finding

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

Can moments of sorrow and suffering be opportunities for us to find a closer relationship with God? This lesson reveals both the greatness and the graciousness of God in bringing us to "a time of finding."


Biblical Meditation

Sermon by Trevor Campbell.

This lesson discusses God's view of meditation, as dealt with in the scriptures, and reveals the significance of meditation upon the words of God.


Your Calling

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

We have heard from the religious culture today concerning what a "calling" is, but let's take a look at what God has to say about our true calling.

Pages of a book forming the shape of the heart. Love concept.


Sermon by Norman Sewell.

Contentment suggests being satisfied with things. It doesn't suggest apathy. This lesson considered how we must guard against apathy, learn contentment, and understand where true contentment is found.


A Baptism Worth Talking About

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

Oftentimes baptism is something put on the back burner, counted as almost unnecessary. However, the scriptures describe baptism in a completely different way. Let's open our ears to what God really said about baptism and may His word open our eyes to a whole new perspective on salvation.


Godhead: The Divine Nature of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

In this second lesson on the Godhead, we consider how both the Old and New Testaments make the distinction of individuals that consist of the Divine Nature (Godhead/Godhood), as well as Their perfect unity.


Render to God

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

In Matthew 22:17-22, the Jews tried to trap Jesus over duty to government, but Jesus reminded them of their duty to God. Our highest obligation is to God; what must we render to Him? What do we owe?