Nadab and Abihu: A Closer Look at the Scene

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.
The account of the death of Nadab and Abihu seems to be only two sentences long, but there is so much more to this situation that we need to consider in order to come to a solid understanding of what happened to Nadab and Abihu.


The Way of Escape

Sermon by Norman Sewell.
Paul reminded the Corinthians that God always makes a way of escape if we look for it. Do you trust His faithfulness and seek that escape?


The Great Provision

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.
This lesson gives a full examination of Isaiah 55 and the great invitation that God gives to mankind. All men should consider what God has both provided and invited us to, as well as what is required on our part.


The Race for Heaven

Sermon by Norman Sewell.
Running is a sport that some enjoy for fun, fitness, or charity, But the race for heaven is much more serious. This lesson explores how this race is not a game, nor are there shortcuts; there is also a discussion of some everyday challenges along the way.

Justice. Judge hammer on the table

Beyond the Beam

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.
Let's take a closer look at one of the most famous statements of Jesus, "Judge Not". Incidentally, it also happens to be one of the most misunderstood teachings of the Lord.


What the Bible says about Fasting

Sermon by Trevor Campbell.
This lesson dives into a normally untouched biblical subject matter, fasting. Cultures aside, If you haven't yet considered fasting from God's perspective, this is your opportunity.

Concept of environmental conservation in the garden for children.

Does your Soul Prosper

Sermon by Norman Sewell.
John's prayer, in 3rd John, was that Gaius would have health and prosperity as his soul prospered. What if your physical health was only as good as your soul's health?


Called to be Different

Sermon by Norman Sewell.
The world calls us to accept and tolerate that which is sin. But God calls us to be different, to be in but not of the world.


Parenthood in the Plan of Salvation

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

This lesson examines the critical significance that motherhood and fatherhood played in God's plan to redeem man from sin.