Balaam’s Righteousness?

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

It's one thing to talk of righteousness, it's another to live it. Balaam spoke of dying the death of the righteous, but can we do that without first living it?

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The Rudiments of Peace – Leviticus 3

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

This lesson considers what God first taught the Israelites about enjoying peace with Him, and how this relates to Christ. The peace offering was a very unique offering, with an unusual but significant aspect to it.


Wounded for Me

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

What an important exercise of the mind it is to ponder that Jesus died for ME. This lesson helps make personal the death, resurrection, ascension, and return of Jesus.


The Rudiments of Life with God – Leviticus 2

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

In this lesson, we consider the elementary concepts that God taught to the Israelites concerning their new daily walk with Him, and how this applies to us under the covenant of Christ.


Spiritual Leaders

Sermon by Trevor Campbell.

This lesson discusses the need for each and every true Christian to be an active piece in evangelism.


Jesus our Advocate

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

An advocate is a helper, one "called to one's side." For Christians, when we sin, we have an advocate: Jesus.

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For Such a Time as This

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

Mordecai's famous words to Esther "Perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this", is a reprimand to Esther, to cause her to overcome her fear in order to do what she could to help save others. Today, we find ourselves with the same echo of words for our lives: are we here today for such a time as this?


The Unshakeable Mountain

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

There are many lessons to be learned near the boundary of Mount Sinai in Exodus 19, but the greatest lesson of all is that the shaking Mount gave way to an unshakeable mountain in Christ.


Is the Battle Over?

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

It is clear that Jesus came in the flesh to defeat Satan. It is also clear that our part in this fight is not over.