Psalm 97: The Lord Reigns

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

In this exposition of Psalm 97, we celebrate that the Lord reigns over us in righteousness and justice, and consider what man's life should be with respect to the Lord's reign.


6 – It Looks Like Hope

Sermon by Warren King.

In the sixth and final lesson of the series "What Christianity Looks Like", Warren considers the life-changing hope that should be so apparent in the lives of true Christians.


5 – It Looks Like a Hospital

Sermon by Warren King.

In this fifth lesson of the series, Warren looks at the church from the angle of how it looks like a spiritual hospital.


4 – It Looks Like a Kingdom

Sermon by Warren King.

As Warren continues his series on "What Christianity Looks Like", he now turns to the subject of the kingdom of Christ and addresses vital truths concerning it.


3 – It Looks Like a Family

Gospel Meeting with Warren King.

In the third lesson, Warren raises the question "What does Christianity look like?" One aspect of true Christianity is that it looks like a family.


2 – What Christianity Looks Like: Biblical Picture

Gospel Meeting with Warren King.

In this second lesson, Warren moves on from the misconceptions of Christianity and begins to deal with the bible's view of Christianity.


1 – What Christianity Looks Like: Common Misconceptions

Gospel Meeting with Warren King.

In this first lesson, brother King deals with a variety of misconceptions that many people hold concerning what Christianity is.


Through the Bible: Deuteronomy

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

If you think the book of Deuteronomy is a repeat of the book of Exodus, it's time to look again, for Deuteronomy is as unique as any other book of the Bible, and it is filled with vital words that are critical to the New Testament.


God Cares!

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

It is critical that we respect God's power to destroy those who disobey Him. It is also clear that God values man more than all His earthly creatures. God cares for mankind!