Concept of environmental conservation in the garden for children.

Blessings for a Cursed People: The Seed Promise

Sermon by Tanner Campbell. This is the third and final lesson of this series. The 3 blessings that God promised to Abraham are God's direct answer to the curses that came from the sin in the Garden of Eden and point to our redemption in Christ.


Blessings for a Cursed People: A Great Nation

Sermon by Tanner Campbell. This is the second of three lessons concerning how the three promises that God gives to Abraham are God's response to the curse of sin which began in the Garden of Eden and ultimately fulfilled in Christ.


Called Into Fellowship

Sermon by Norman Sewell. 1 Corinthians 1:4-9 teaches us that God calls us into fellowship. This sermon explains how we are called by God, what we have been called to, and how this applies to our lives.


Blessings for a Cursed People: The Land Promise

Sermon by Tanner Campbell. The 3 blessings that God promised to Abraham in Genesis 12 were God's direct response to the curses that came from Adam and Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden. Further, these blessings given to Abraham point directly to what Christ would accomplish for all men under the curse of sin.


The King of Kings

Sermon by Trevor Campbell. This lesson explores how Jesus is the King of kings, what that has meant in ages past, and what that means for us today.


Finding Rest – Matthew 11:28-30

Sermon by Tanner Campbell. If Jesus' great invitation at the end of Matthew 11 could be likened to a beautiful solo, then the rest of the chapter is the symphony. This lesson considers the details of the context leading to Jesus' great invitation, then analyzes the true meaning of "Come to me, all you who labor and heavy laden, and I will give you rest."


Where Could I Go (Sermon with Hymns)

Sermon by Norman Sewell. This is a powerful lesson on leaning upon God through every difficulty of life. Congregational singing is incorporated within the sermon.


Members of the Body of Christ

Sermon by Tanner Campbell. 3/6/22. What does it mean to be a member? We all may have a slightly different idea of what that means to us until we look into the Bible, then we see how God defines membership. This lesson covers not only what membership means, but also what unity means. Too often, a church is considered to have unity when the group is peaceful among the members, but this is not what biblical unity is.


Reaching Forward

Sermon by Norman Sewell. 3/6/2022. What might be keeping you from progressing and growing in your walk with God? This lesson will help anyone reexamine their life and encourage them to press forward concerning goals that are truly important.