52 Days: What Commitment Accomplishes

Sermon by Tanner Campbell. Commitment from the previously uncommitted is what we see in the account of Nehemiah. What does it take to become committed to God and His work? Why do many brethren struggle with commitment? Let's take a look at the profound example of Nehemiah and see if he can help us with our difficulties today.


The Gospel’s Continuous Effect on Christians

Sermon by Tanner Campbell. This lesson examines the life and growth of the church in Thessalonica from its difficult beginning to its growth going forward. These brethren stand as inspiring examples for us today and help provide us with some tools that we can use to steadily continue our walk with God.


Search Me, O God

Sermon by Norman Sewell. What does God see in your heart? This sermon considers David's words in Psalm 139:23-24, "Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!" What would God find by searching your heart today?

Moses holding stone with ten commandments, flat vector illustration isolated on white background. Jewish Biblical ancient Moses prophet with religious law commandments.

Broken Stones

Sermon by Tanner Campbell. This lesson addresses the account of Moses breaking the two tablets of stone, on which were written the ten commandments from the finger of God. What was the meaning of this scene? And what had Israel understood concerning the worship of idols?


Anxiety and our Health

Sermon by Trevor Campbell. In this fascinating lesson, we learn the effects that anxiety has on both our physical and spiritual health and how to properly respond to the state of stress.


Jesus and the Fig Tree

Sermon by Tanner Campbell. This lesson explores the context surrounding Jesus cursing a fig tree in Matthew 21 and identifies the deeper purposes behind the startling event.


Are we too Narrow?

Sermon by Norman Sewell. This lesson comes from Matthew 7:13-14 and discusses what is and what isn't too narrow, too strict. Pulling in a number of examples from the scriptures, where God stands on the matter becomes even clearer.

Concept of environmental conservation in the garden for children.

Blessings for a Cursed People: The Seed Promise

Sermon by Tanner Campbell. This is the third and final lesson of this series. The 3 blessings that God promised to Abraham are God's direct answer to the curses that came from the sin in the Garden of Eden and point to our redemption in Christ.


Blessings for a Cursed People: A Great Nation

Sermon by Tanner Campbell. This is the second of three lessons concerning how the three promises that God gives to Abraham are God's response to the curse of sin which began in the Garden of Eden and ultimately fulfilled in Christ.