God Cares!

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

It is critical that we respect God's power to destroy those who disobey Him. It is also clear that God values man more than all His earthly creatures. God cares for mankind!



Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

Pharoah's hardened heart said "Tomorrow" for something that needed to be done "Today". What is currently plaguing our lives that ought to be done away with today, yet we have been content to say "Tomorrow."


This is Eternal Life

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

How would you define eternal life? Is it a place? A span of time? The scriptures lead us in a completely different direction. Let's investigate what eternal life really is.


Rejoicing in God

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

This lesson is rooted in Psalm 5, where David asks that those who trust in God and love His name should be joyful. How joyful are you?


Reading the Words of Light

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

A call for self-examination and action concerning how we react and respond to the words of God.


The House of God

Sermon by Trevor Campbell.

This lesson discusses the unique distinction between the wisdom of Solomon's house and the wisdom of Christ and his house.


Making Melody: Spiritual Worship of the Spiritual Temple

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

This lesson is the sequel to "The Sound of Prophecy", which dug into the Old Testament record to better understand music and instruments' role in worship. This lesson considers the New Testament evidence to see what "making melody" is all about and what its purpose is.


Saved to the Uttermost

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

While the law of Moses came from God, it pointed to Jesus and the salvation that He would give to those who obey Him. So Jesus came in the flesh to offer His own blood for our sins, to be our High Priest and intercede for us.


The Sound of Prophecy: The History of Music in the Old Covenant

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

Have you ever heard someone argue that instrumental music is suitable for worship today because David used instruments? But a closer look into the Old Testament record will reveal so much more to the subject of music that will void the argument altogether.