Audio Lessons on Worship

The Sacrifice Of Praise

Norman Sewell

This study reminds us that our worship is a sacrifice offered from willing hearts to God.  Our singing is "the fruit of our lips" giving thanks to His name.  We must sing like we mean it in order to please God.


Norman Sewell

Worship is more than sitting in a pew while others worship!  It involves you honoring God by praising Him "in spirit and in truth."  Does this describe your worship?

Let Us Bow Down

Norman Sewell

Worship is not a spectator event.  It is praise offered from a sincere and grateful heart, according to truth, and offered to our creator and God.

The Communion

Norman Sewell

This is a study of the Lord's Supper, and our joint participation in remembering Jesus' suffering and death. Let's consider the origins of this supper and it's meaning for Christians.



Gospel Meetings

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