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The God of Glory

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

Can we put into simple human words what the Glory of God is? Can it be accurately defined? Yes! And God defines it all for us in Exodus 34.



Travelers with God

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.
This sermon considers the example of the Israelites’ journey with God in the wilderness and the critical lessons God wants us to learn for our everyday walk as a traveler with God.

52 Days: What Commitment Accomplishes

Sermon by Tanner Campbell. Commitment from the previously uncommitted is what we see in the account of Nehemiah. What does it take to become committed to God and His work? Why do many brethren struggle with commitment? Let’s take a look at the profound example of Nehemiah and see if he can help us with our difficulties today.

The Gospel’s Continuous Effect on Christians

Sermon by Tanner Campbell. This lesson examines the life and growth of the church in Thessalonica from its difficult beginning to its growth going forward. These brethren stand as inspiring examples for us today and help provide us with some tools that we can use to steadily continue our walk with God.