Audio Lessons on Repentance

The Saddest Words

Norman Sewell

While the gospel includes the beautiful words of joy and forgiveness and salvation, it also includes words like lost, destroyed, and depart.  Which words will you hear at the judgment?

Fruits Of Repentance

Norman Sewell

What is repentance?  How serious is the need for repentance?  How is it known that you have repented?

Sin Lies At The Door

Norman Sewell

Cain was warned by God that sin was near and he needed to rule over it.  Does sin lie at your door?  Are you tempted to give in?  Do you need to repent and return to God?

Committed To Change

Norman Sewell

When you see yourself in error what do you do?  This is a study of change, repentance and obedience to God.



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