Audio Lessons on Priorities


Norman Sewell

When Paul preached the gospel to Felix he reasoned of righteousness, self-control, and the coming judgment. God requires righteousness; to be righteous we must learn self-control; and this is urgent because judgment is coming. Anger and frustration are hampering our efforts to remain in control.

Selling Your Birthright

Norman Sewell

Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of stew, not thinking of the consequences.  As Christians our birthright in Christ is to be heirs of eternal life, yet we often sell our birthright for the temporary things of this world; things like recreation or money or even family.

What Was I Thinking?

Norman Sewell

A sermon about the parable of the talents, and the sometimes foolish choices we make.  Will you come to the judgment and suddenly think, "What was I thinking?"  What kind of servant are you?

Lessons Learned Late

Norman Sewell

Jesus told a story of two men, one rich, one poor.  Both the rich man and Lazarus died.  One man learned some powerful lessons but it was too late to change his final destination.  Don't wait until it's too late to learn what is really important.

Treasures In Heaven

Norman Sewell

What are your priorities?  Are you laying up treasure in heaven?  Is your heart focused on the heavenly more than the worldly?  To please God He must come first in our lives

One Last Day

Norman Sewell

What if you had only one day left to "set your house in order?"  Would you go on living in sin or would you change your life and turn to God?

Life Or Death

Norman Sewell

God made man a free moral agent and required that we make choices.  Moses told Israel to choose life, but the alternative was death.  Our choices today are the same though eternal in nature; life or death.

Better Than Money

Norman Sewell

This is a study of spiritual things that are better than money. Although money is necessary, we examine possible problems that can arise. Then, as we work through the lesson, we talk about spiritual things that are better than money.

Temporary vs Eternal

Norman Sewell

What are your priorities?  Are they the temporary things of earth or the hope of heaven?  This study helps us see the difference.

Fixing Your Heart

Norman Sewell

Simon was a sorcerer but when he believed the gospel he was baptized. Yet once again he longed for power and preeminence and tried to buy the power of God with money.  His heart was not right.  What can you do when your heart is not right?  Can you fix it?



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