Audio Lessons on Jesus

Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Norman Sewell

Jesus' question on the cross has troubled some.  In this lesson we study some of the troubles He endured before and during the crucifixion, and His question, "Why have You forsaken Me?"

A Fountain For Sin

Norman Sewell

Zechariah told of a great event that would come, a fountain would be opened for cleansing their sin.  This prophecy was fulfilled in Jesus through the shedding of His blood.  Have you been washed in the blood?

The Empty Tomb

Norman Sewell

There are many human traditions regarding Easter.  Yet "Easter" is not in the Bible.  What is there is an account of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and how important that fact is to everything we do.

Freed From Bondage

Norman Sewell

There is a kind of bondage or slavery that can only be cured by Jesus' blood.  By His death Jesus offers to rescue and redeem us from our sins if we will obey Him.

Hunger & Thirst

Norman Sewell

Jesus, in the sermon on the mount, said that those who hunger & thirst for righteousness will be filled.  Isaiah pleaded with Israel in the same way, to hunger for God.  What are you hungering for?

Hades Is Not Hell

Norman Sewell

Where did Jesus' spirit go while His body was in the tomb?  He went to Hades, not hell.  There is much confusion about where we go when we die, and then our final destination.

At Jesus' Word

Norman Sewell

A study of Jesus' authority and the importance of hearing and observing His word.  Many claim to believe in Jesus but do not believe His words.

By His Stripes

Norman Sewell

In this lesson we examine different views of Jesus from Isaiah 53. We examine:

  • Man's view.
  • God's view.
  • Jesus' view.
  • The Ethiopian man.

The Joy of Salvation

Norman Sewell

"The joy of salvation in Christ; the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat." Which will it be for you?

Did Jesus Die In Vain?

Norman Sewell

Jesus died to offer salvation to all, but many reject Him. Did He die in vain?

Jesus & The Law

Norman Sewell

Jesus was born under the law of Moses and stated that He came to fulfil the Law.  But God changed the law.  Why? This lesson shows Jesus' connection to the Law.

It Is Finished!

Norman Sewell

On the cross Jesus uttered, "It is finished."  The work of saving man was finished, though there were and are conditions we must meet to obtain it.

Sweet Redemption

Norman Sewell

Just as God redeemed Israel from Egypt, Jesus came to redeem man from sin. Have you obeyed Him for redemption?

Not Dead, But Sleeping

Norman Sewell

When Jesus raised the ruler's daughter He said that she was not dead, but sleeping.  The scriptures show us that physical death is not permanent, that we are sleeping, waiting for Jesus' return.  Are you ready?

The Light Still Shines

Norman Sewell

God is light.  He send Jesus to be the light of the world.  In this dark world the light still shines to those who will believe and obey Him.  Are you walking in the light?

Does Christ Live In You?

Norman Sewell

Paul prayed that Christ would live in the hearts of the Ephesians by faith.  Does He live in you?  Can others see Him living in you?



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