Audio Lessons on Gospel

Scarcely Saved?

Norman Sewell

Peter raises the question; if the righteous are scarcely saved, what about the ungodly, those who do not obey the gospel.  This does not question God's power to save, but shows His judgment against the wicked.

Sound Words

Norman Sewell

The apostle Paul urged Timothy to hold on to sound words, those traditions which Paul had taught him.  There are many words taught in the world, but not all are sound or healthy.  Are you listening to sound words or deceitful words of false teachers?

The Gospel Of Christ

Norman Sewell

The Gospel of Christ is a very simple message regarding salvation; because of the death, bural and resurrection of Jesus.  This message must be preached, believed and obeyed.

Understanding The Bible

Norman Sewell

Many problems occur because men don't understand the Bible or use it in a consistent way. In this lesson we consider how to avoid the problems of misinterpretation and misapplication.

Rightly Dividing The Word

Norman Sewell

Following the lesson called Understanding The Bible, this lesson compares part of John Calvin's TULIP doctrine to plain Bible passages.  Every doctrine of man must be compared to the truth of God's word. God's word must be handled properly.

Beautiful Feet

Norman Sewell

A lesson on the importance of the message of the gospel, more important than the messenger.

The Upward Call Of God

Norman Sewell

While the world calls us to sin, God call us through His word to eternal life.

God's Love Letter

Norman Sewell

Imagine receiving a love letter from God, telling of His love.  The Bible is that love letter, revealed by the Holy Spirit, along with instructions for benefiting from His letter.

Hold It Up To The Light

Norman Sewell

To determine the truth or authenticity of a thing we compare it to the real, the true; we hold it up to the light. We epose error by holding it up to the light of truth.

Believing A Lie

Norman Sewell

Just believing a thing doesn't make it true. In fact many believe false doctrines, lies, that will cause them to lose their souls.  We must learn and love the truth, and obey it to be saved.

An Open Heart

Norman Sewell

Lydia's heart was opened by the words Paul preached and she believed and obeyed.  The gospel touches hearts, some with faith, some with rejection.  What about your heart?  Is it open to hear what God has actually said?

Finding The way

Norman Sewell

When you begin to search for eternal life the answer you get may depend on who you ask.  If you ask men you may get human answers, but if you ask what God says you find the truth.  If they can't show you the answer from the word of God then keep looking.



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