Audio Lessons on God

Be Thankful

Norman Sewell

How often do you stop and count your blessings?  God shows us His wonderful blessings and teaches us to be grateful for all the good things we receive.  Have you thanked your heavenly Father today?

Standing On The Promises

Norman Sewell

Over and over the Scriptures declare that God is faithful.  His promises are exceeding great and precious and give such hope to those who will stand on them.  Consider God who cannot lie and who promised eternal life in Jesus.

Darkness For Light?

Norman Sewell

Some in Judah called evil good and darkness light.  The world today is just as confused.  God is light; sin and evil is darkness.

God Is Not Mocked

Norman Sewell

Men mock God all the time and ridicule Jesus and all who believe in Him.  But the scriptures tell us that God is not mocked.  What are the final consequences for those who refuse God?

I Need Thee Every Hour

Norman Sewell

This is a lesson about our God, our need for God and our recognition of that need every day

His Grace Reaches Me

Norman Sewell

In spite of our weakness and sin the grace of God is abundant and able to reach us.  This lessons tells us where the grace of God is given and how to reach it.

The Friend Of God

Norman Sewell

This lessson is about God and Abraham, and the kind of faith it takes to be God's friend

Remaking God

Norman Sewell

Men often try to think of God as just a man, and in this way remake Him in our image. But God is not a man, and His thoughts and ways are higher than ours.

Hallowed Be His Name

Norman Sewell

This lesson stresses the fact that God demans that we hold Him in reverence; that our actions as well as our speech demonstrates that we honor Him as God.

None Like Him

Norman Sewell

A study from Isaiah chapter 40, showing that there is none like God.  There is none like Him for those who wait on Him.

God's Treasure

Norman Sewell

Some hold that the nation of Israel is God's special people, His treasure.  In this lesson we look at the evidence from the scriptures to see who His treasure is today.

Crossing The Line

Norman Sewell

Crossing The Line when coloring is no big deal; when driving it may be fatal; but crossing the line with God may cost you your soul.  When God says something that is the line we must follow.



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