Sermons by Norman Sewell

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Lower than the Angels

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

Though higher than the angels, Jesus willingly was made lower than the angels to die for our sins. This lesson considers the first two chapters of Hebrews to address this fascinating subject.

Almost Converted?

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

Sometimes it seems that men are converted to someone or something other than God. This lesson considers what true conversion to God should look like.

Troublesome Times

Sermon by Norman Sewell.
Do you ever feel overwhelmed and weary? Where do you go; what is the answer? God is able to hold us and keep us through our trouble but we must set our anchor fast in the Son.
Sermon recording contains congregational singing.

Awake Out of Sleep

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

In Romans 13:11-14, Paul delivers a powerful reminder of the need to be awake and to live holy lives. This lesson examines this great text and the points Paul makes leading up to it.

When Evil Abounds

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

The godly will suffer persecution, but the good news is that God will punish the wicked in the end. Are we showing the wicked a better way? Are we trying to follow Jesus every day?

Victory in Jesus

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

This sermon considers the victory of Jesus over the devil and the victory we have in Jesus. Jesus gives to those who live for Him victory over the world, over sin, and over death.