Sermons by Norman Sewell

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Wounded for Me

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

What an important exercise of the mind it is to ponder that Jesus died for ME. This lesson helps make personal the death, resurrection, ascension, and return of Jesus.

Until Then

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

The Lord will come again and receive us in the clouds for the Day of Judgment, but until then, what is it that we’re supposed to be doing until He comes again?

Immortally Arrayed

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

This lesson considers the resurrection of the dead and how Jesus’ blood washes us, makes us clean, and worthy to be arrayed eternally in the symbolic “robes of white”.


Sermon by Norman Sewell.

Contentment suggests being satisfied with things. It doesn’t suggest apathy. This lesson considered how we must guard against apathy, learn contentment, and understand where true contentment is found.

Render to God

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

In Matthew 22:17-22, the Jews tried to trap Jesus over duty to government, but Jesus reminded them of their duty to God. Our highest obligation is to God; what must we render to Him? What do we owe?

Spiritual or Religious?

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

Someone says, “I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual.” What does that mean? What’s the difference? This lesson explores the differences between these two words and examines the practice of true religion and spirituality.