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52 Days: What Commitment Accomplishes

Sermon by Tanner Campbell. Commitment from the previously uncommitted is what we see in the account of Nehemiah. What does it take to become committed to God and His work? Why do many brethren struggle with commitment? Let’s take a look at the profound example of Nehemiah and see if he can help us with our difficulties today.

Building and Craving Godly Habits

Sermon by Tanner Campbell.

This unique lesson addresses the psychology behind forming habits, and how we can apply that understanding to begin building godly habits in our everyday lives. Further, this lesson identifies how to become a person that craves to do the things of God.

Redeeming the Time

Sermon by Norman Sewell.

We often convince ourselves (like the old song says) that there is "Time Enough Yet." But is there really? The Scriptures tell us that our lives are like a vapor, a breath, a shadow all of which pass away quickly. God calls upon us to take advantage of the time we have, to redeem the time and live godly lives before Him through Jesus.